We introduce the 10-20-80 rM. Heavy-duty 4-wheel undercarriage, built to withstand years of extreme conveying on the farm or at the seed plant.


Designed to last, Built to last 
-The Elias reliaBELT conveyer features a completely enclosed belt return.
-Belts are a durable, long lasting 20" 2-ply chevron belt allowing the conveyor to move   a large amount of product in a short amount of time.
-The engine is located on top of the tube to ensure it stays out of the dust and dirt.
-All the bearing on a reliaBELT conveyor are high quality sealed Timken bearing.
-Collapsible canvas hopper maximum clearance 
-The Elias reliaBELT conveyor was the first to feature the S-drive system 
-self tensioning slack eliminator system 
-High quality powder coat finish.
-Easy to use hydraulic lifting and lowering
-Electric and manual clutch to unsure weather will never stop you from moving the product you need to move 


-heavy duty light kit (lights up hopper and spout)
-13" flexible down spout