Trade Shows

These are the shows we can be found at. We look forward to seeing you.
Do you know of a show in your area we don't attend? Email us some information about it and we'll try to come out for it.
  Big iron 2015
   Ag in Motion 2015
Farm Progress Show 2015
Manitoba Ag Days 
Date: January 19,20 and 21 2016  
Location: Brandon Keystone Center #1-117-18th st. Brandon, Manitoba

Ice (International Crop Symposium)
Date: February 15 and 18 2016

Location: Alerus Center, Grand Forks, North Dakota

Western Canada Farm Progress Show
Date: June 15,16 and 17 2016
Location: Evraz Place Regina, Saskatchewan

Ag in motion Western Canada outdoor Farm Expo
Date: July 2016
Location: Langham SK 

Big Iron 2016
Date: September 2016

Location: Red River Valley Fair Grounds, West Fargo ND